skater is running on this hardware

Hardware donations are gratefully accepted.

hardware typ
CPU Intel Pentium 166 [E]
memory 160 MB (4 x 32 MB + 2 x 16 MB)
motherboard Gigabyte GA-586HX [E] (german mirror site, original in Taiwan [E])
graphic card OAK Technology Inc. OTI VGA [E] (256kB ISA card)
Ultra-SCSI IBM Ultrastar2ES DCAS-34330 [E] Rev. S60B 4,1 GB 448kb Cache, 5400 RPM, 8.5 ms,
SCAM 2, SCSI 3,CHS=8120/6/512
Ultra-SCSI IBM UltraStar DDRS-39130U [E] Rev. S97B 8,7 GB 384kb Cache, 7200 RPM, 7.5 ms,
SCAM 2,SCSI 3,CHS=8420/10/512
Ultra-Wide-SCSI IBM UltraStar 146 Z10 [E] Rev. S27V 36.7 GB 8192kb Cache, 10000 RPM, 4.7 ms,
Ultra 160 SCSI
network cards
3Com Corporation 3c905C-TX [E]
Intel Ethernet Pro 100 [E]
D-Link DE 220P [E] (ISA PnP)
SCSI adapter
Asus PCI-SC860 [E] Rev. 1.01 (Symbios 53C860, Ultra-SCSI)
Asus PCI-SC875 [E] Rev. 1.1 (Symbios 53C875E, Ultra-Wide-SCSI)
backup devices
DDS2 tape drive Sony SDT-7000 [E] Rev. 0300
tape library adic FastStor [E] FS-DLT 4000
(using a DLT drive Quantum DLT 4000 [E] Rev. D996)

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