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My digital camera

On Februar 2nd 2000 I bougth me a new toy^H^H^Hdigital camera.
After reading the tests made by c't (Magazin für Computertechnik) [G], I bought me the Canon PowerShot S10 [G]. It's a fantastic camera. (IMHO, but I'm not a profi, so it's not hard to meet my necessary requirements.)

Some charcteristics I noticed:
Here are a few links (mostly german): At the moment I try to use this camera with a few alternate operating systems. The serial bus is very slow and USB is only supported unter Windows 98 (and higher). Windows and Macintosh are the only operating systems that are supported by Canon at the moment.
Someone sniffed the protocoll and made it available. It's part of .
So I try to get this camera working under the and .
I'm using .
  • Under the
    Using the and the instructions at my camera works on two computer without trouble. On his page you will find a simple USB permissions daemon which helps to let non-root user connect to the camera. The USB port is currently supported by gphoto2, but not by gphoto.
    At the serial port the camera is detected and works fine. I recognized a few troubles when I used it on a laptop (the program ran into a timeout and then I have to reset the bus by switching the power of the camera off and on again.), but it works almost stable on my other computers. Runs with gphoto2 and gphoto.
  • Under
    The camera is detected correctly, if it is connected to the USB port. But I haven't compiled gphoto2 yet, because the required libraries won't compile. Still working on it.

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